Over the last 25 years we have had much experience in helping the community of faith realize their dreams and goals with guidance through the sometimes difficult process of design and construction. We offer a full range of design, engineering, management and building services to help you control costs while designing beautiful and efficient spaces. Let us help you provide a community facility to satisfy the functional and spiritual needs of your denomination.

Places of worship often serve as landmarks and community hubs, and designing these facilities comes with a unique responsibility. Over the years, we’ve worked with a variety of faiths to create awe-inspiring spaces. Our architects, planners and interior designers bring rest inspiration and seasoned experience to every project.

By understanding the challenges you face, we can design the right space for your congregation. Our team is filled at creating designs that server your mission and promote your vision.

We consider each project a partnership between the client and design team. Working within the unique structure of each church’s committee, we identify the vision and goals of the ministry, explore who the users are and discuss how each space will be used. This approach leads to the development of creative, cost-effective solutions unique to each client.


Space Planning
Facility Planning
Master Planning
Feasibility Planning
Property Analysis
ADA Assessment
Interior Design
Cost Analysis
Capital Campaign Support